Business Valuation (Accredtied by Taqeem)

Saudi Ethraa has the experience, and trusted name you can rely on to help meet your organization’s valuation needs. Our valuations professionals (who are members of our Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers – Taqeem) provide a wide range of services including valuing entire businesses, subsidiaries, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and equity interests, as well as specific assets such as trade names, patents, customer relationships, inventory and financial instruments.

Corporate Finance

Saudi Ethraa aims to assist corporates and SMEs to achieve their strategic targets through facilitating proper financing agreements from various investors and lenders. Saudi Ethraa will provide creative solutions to its clients that suit their needs and strategies including:

  • Identifying the proper financing structures including Letter of credit, short and long term loans, mortgage, leases from various lenders.
  • Assess and develop business and financial projections.

Strategic and Business Advisory

Saudi Ethraa assists its clients to develop corporate strategy to maximize profitability and grow businesses. Along with the client management, we develop strategic planning, feasibility studies, financial projections and business plans to help the client achieve its targets and grow their business.

Financial Restructuring

Some companies face financial instability in their financial position, at Saudi Ethraa and through collaboration with the client management, we can assist the client to diagnose and identify the issues at earlier stage and develop appropriate solutions that create win-win situation for all stakeholders.

VAT Consultation

In view of the new imposed Value-Added Tax regulation by the General Authority of Zakat amd Tax in Saudi Arabia starting from 1 January 2018, we assist entities to comply with VAT regulations through identfying companies structure and operations and ensure these operations are properly refelted in the client’s systems and reports.