Other Advisory Services

Corporate Governance Advisory

Saudi Ethraa provides a full range of corporate governance services to its clients, to protect shareholders’ rights and ensure that adequate internal controls and processes are available to help maintain the sustainable growth of the company. Our specialist consultants have extensive knowledge to assist our clients in developing standards of governance aligned with the company’s strategy and objectives.

We develop appropriate and customized governance standards to meet the needs of our clients, taking into account best practices to ensure the sustainability and growth of the business.

Our corporate governance services include:

  • Develop and evaluate the board of directors & the board committees’ roles
  • Draft the company’s codes of conduct, delegation of authority, internal policies & procedures, business plan, and formulation of board of directors’ committees.
  • Evaluate and improve existing internal control systems and procedures
  • Organizational restructuring and determination of the staff qualifications and skills.
  • Private companies’ succession planning