Financing Solutions

Project Financing

Saudi Ethraa holds great experience in preparing feasibility studies for industrial, tourism, entertainment, healthcare, and educational projects, through our foreign and local qualified team who has more than 30 years post qualification experience for various types of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, logistics, renewable energy, healthcare, education, hospitality, mining and animal feed sectors, which enables our clients to make informed decisions.

  • We aim to uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) of a project accurately and logically. A given project may present with regards to the available resources in the respective environment ultimately determining the success or failure of the potential project.
  • Our bankable feasibility studies are independently analyzed based on both quantitative and qualitative data, and in line with the requirements of the concerned government agencies, commercial banks, and specialized lending institutions.
  • Our financial feasibility study involves preparing comprehensive and flexible financial models, to deliver medium to long term financial projections that are largely influenced by the assumptions obtained from the market research and deep understanding of the industry dynamics. Our financial experts have experience and capabilities to conduct complex financial modelling across a wide range of industry sectors, with proven skills of analysis and knowledge that is of significant benefit to our clients.
  • Our bankable feasibility studies cover all the requirements of the concerned government agencies, aiding our clients in obtaining the loan approval in a professional manner, and with less manpower cost, as we cover each & every requirement thoroughly to reduce the concerned agency’s evaluation approval time.
  • We collaborate with our client’s project management team in the implementation and monitoring phase of the project, in order to fulfill the requirements of credit facilities, loan conditions precedents, loan special conditions, special covenants, withdrawal of approved financing amount and provide guidance to the project management about the rollover, restructuring, and rescheduling of the loan maturities, etc.
  • Risk Analysis and Management: Our Risk Analysis and Management Team will provide our clients with in-depth studies on enterprise risk, operational risk, marketing risk, financial risk, their evaluation, and measures to be taken to mitigate these risks.